There’s a huge difference between the shallow pleasure of instant applause and the long-lasting impact of true connection.

— Seth Godin —


We’re about captivating video content, thoroughly thought through, from beginning to end

We work with brands, businesses and agencies: Because we work with all three, we bring lessons from all three.

We don’t believe in second class videos:  We believe that internal, B2B and consumer videos should be as good as each other. After all, they are for the same audience.

We understand strategy: As well as making things look pretty, we think about business strategy, comms strategy and brand strategy.

We get involved: Concept development, video strategy, script writing, creation, delivery, distribution and metrics. We get involved in any and all parts of the process.

We’ve done a lot: Historically, we have made award winning documentaries, TV programmes, commercials, B2B videos, B2C videos, corporates. Today we’re all about video content





By 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video.

— Syndcast —


Our best selection of B2B work, Brand work, and the work we do For Love not Money


What to think about when creating content

Be clear about your intentions. Making video content for an internal or external audience requires a clear understanding of why the viewer would want to watch it, rather than just why you are making it.

Understand your audience. Understanding who they are, how they are and what their day to day drivers and motivations are means that you are more likely to create something that fits for them.

Make it beautiful, entertaining or beneficial or get out of the way. The only reason a viewer watches something is if they get something from it. If it isn’t going to engage me or help me do what I want to do better then I will switch off. And you’ve got about 20 seconds to prove it.

Understand the video’s life. Am I going to come back to this film? Am I going to share it or comment on it? Do you want me to do something after I watch it? And how do I get more if I want more?

Think more than singularly if you want success. A lot of people think one video is enough. It isn’t. Making one film is akin to putting up one poster in London and thinking that your outdoor campaign is done. If you start communicating down the video route it pays to think of it as a more consistent communication channel, for a video campaign or a number of videos.

Think about context of the video. Likewise your video will be most successful if you don’t think of it in isolation. What are you doing to support/promote it? What is the wider campaign/communication?

Think context of the viewer. When do you want someone to watch? In the morning over coffee? when they want some inspiration? When they want information? What kind of mood/suppositions are they bringing to the film? Do you want to support or counter that?

Custom content is 92% more effective than traditional TV advertising at increasing awareness and 168% more powerful at driving purchase preference.

— Scott Donaton —


Who are we anyway?


Positive emotional responses (including warmth and pride) and social motivations are the prime reasons for audiences sharing video.

— Unruly Media —







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